Question about streaming data

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Question about streaming data

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I am currently developing application in LabWindows CVI, that starts PicoScope 4824 streaming with 1 MS/s, do some other measurement control tasks (several seconds long), and at the end try to get data by calling ps4000aGetStreamingLatestValues(hPico, CallBackStreaming, &iDataBuffer); After getting last chunk of data, the PicoScope streaming is stopped. The measurement control tasks are in my case up to 20 seconds long, so during this period of time no data is delievered, using ps4000aGetStreamingLatestValues() function.

Because in streaming callback CallBackStreaming() no data is copied between driver and application buffers, I have provided enought large driver buffer for each channel (100 seconds long), that all data must fit inside.

From driver I observe the following strange behavior:
3,29 seconds after the streaming was started, the driver returns 196608 samples total
11,04 seconds after the streaming was started, the driver returns 262144 samples total

after that no more data is returned, even if the function ps4000aGetStreamingLatestValues() is being called every 250 ms, after all control tasks are done.

What I am doing wrong?

Thank you in advance,


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