Minimum window width is not enough

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Minimum window width is not enough

Post by denizcan »

On Windows, I can place PicoScope window on one side, and place my other tools on other places on the screen. The software updates itself with respect to size.. However, on my MacBook Pro, minimum window width of the PicoScope is too large effecting that workflow.. I am pretty sure in the future MacOS version will catch the Windows version, however for me the two things looks like urgent:

1- Being able to resize the window as I want
2- Being able to see the window while I work on other software..

I can tolarete the bugs, however, the device should not interfere my workflow..

My current solution is using PicoScope in Windows in Parallels coherence mode etc.. However, that is not a good solution, it eates resources too much..

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Re: Minimum window width is not enough

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Deniz,

We are aware of the issue with the PicoScope window disappearing when other applications are opened. This usually occurs when a child window e.g. zoom is open in the software.

I have reported the issue with the minimum window width to our Development Team. We are working towards feature parity with the Windows counterpart which should be available via the next major release.


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