Acquire and average 6 channels using SDK

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Acquire and average 6 channels using SDK

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I would like to acquire 6 analog channels in the mV range in parallel. There should be up to 64 acquisitions to enhance SNR. The signal repeats with a 16Hz rate.
The signals are about 10us long in total and I would go for a sample time 20ns or less.

As i understand its not possible to perform onboard averaging so my idea was to use a 4824A, divide the 256MS memory into 6x64 segments and setup the scope to save each acquisition to a separate segment.
After 64 acquisitions have finished, I transfer the data to the PC and programmatically perform averaging in LabVIEW.

The whole thing would be set up and controlled through LabVIEW.

It this a possible and suitable solution?

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