Best Mode of Operation: Picoscope 5444B w/ Labview

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Best Mode of Operation: Picoscope 5444B w/ Labview

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I would like to use my picoscope to record ~500us of data (can get away with less) 1000x a second for extended periods of time (i.e. overnight). The oscilloscope is triggered with the EXT trigger, and the AWG functionality will be used to provide a trigger out on the EXT trigger in.

I was curious what would be the best mode to acquire data (block, rapid block, streaming). Based on the provided resources, my opinion is that it would be best to use the rapid block functionality such that the code executes as quickly as possible and measurements aren't missed.

I am aware that I must avoid exceeding the picoscope's and computer's memory and intend to save files periodically, potentially in a multi-threaded way, such that data acquisition is uninterrupted.

If anyone has some insight on what would be best for my application, I would be happy to hear it! Thanks!

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