2204A and USBIP - Connect Device hangs

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2204A and USBIP - Connect Device hangs

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An 2204A scope is connected via USB to a raspberry pi.
The USB device is shared to network via USBIP (usbip-utils 2.0).
An X86_64 Debian machine (usbip-utils 2.0) attaches to the USBIP device.
This machine runs PicoScope 7 from the deb repository.
PicoScope 7 sees the scope, but then the program hangs at the selection screen. Mouse over buttons does not cause them to light up, the program seems to not interact with the mouse anymore.

Is there any way to get PicoScope 7 working with the 2204A over USBIP ?

This issue emerges while attempting a workaround. The real problem is not having an PicoScope release for the raspberry pi. The masterplan was to connect the 2204A to the pi at my soldering station, then run PicoScope at a different computer and get its screen back via X tunneling to the pi. It would then seem to run there at the pi.

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