"Bug" with rapid trigger

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"Bug" with rapid trigger

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I believe there is a "bug", or at least something the user needs to be aware of with Rapid Trigger. When initiating a Rapid trigger capture, the "Waveforms" info block in the top ribbon goes to Waveform 0 of N-1, where N is the "Rapid Captures" number set in the trigger configuration sidebar. For my current purposes, I am using a time divisions of 10 us, and the max "Rapid Captures" I can set to is 1337. So, when I kick it off it says Waveform 0 of 1336.

Lets say for example I get 100 trigger events and then manually stop the run. That 1336 number counts down to 1236. But, when I stop the run I am presented with 1236 waveforms instead of 100 waveforms. The content of the waveforms after 100 does not look valid (unsurprisingly since there weren't any corresponding triggers.) On the very first run the rest of the waveform buffers just look like noise. On subsequent runs I suspect they are filled with contents of previous runs, or perhaps triggers even if the SW was in "Stopped" ?

The main problem with this is before realizing this I save off a lot of psdata files with all of the waveforms, and the number of triggers that occurred for each and thus how many waveforms in those files are even valid is now "lost to time". For now I will be making it a practice to calculate N-1 minus the number present when "stopping" the capture and only save that many waveforms off to a data file instead of all of them.

If I am correct about this bug, request a fix where the SW accounts this properly and only grabs waveforms corresponding to the number of triggers, instead of N-1-#triggers.

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