possible memory leak in picoscope 6

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possible memory leak in picoscope 6

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Hi i use the Picoscope 6 software around the lab with PS5000 scopes and a picologger1216

i run picoscope6 continues with different measurements running
i read out those measurements with the CLI interface "measurement.CSV" to my datalogging programs labview/python programs

but i notes that with the pico1216 the memory use for picoscope6 grows a lot while running
it starts out at around 60 MB and over a few days it accumulates to over 1 GB and then it usually crash at some point as it runs out of memory i attached picture with an error message

with my PS5000 scopes i am not sure but it for sure do not grow at the same rate as for the pico1216

i am not sure if its related to the CLI reading but i think not but will try keep the picoscope6 running with out the cli logger program and see

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