Possible improvements Picosoft 6 & 7

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Possible improvements Picosoft 6 & 7

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Hi All,

Years ago I sent many of these improvements to Pico, but none have been implemented so far in Picosoft 6 or 7. So I thought to post them here also, so maybe other users can confirm the usefulness:

Spectrum mode:
- Add scaling option in "units"/root(Hz) for each of the current units. This allows for easy comparison between plots, even if the binwidth was not identical.
- When the unit is changed from for example dBm to dBu, do not lose the plot (for example plot made with peak hold) but rescale it only. When plot has run over a long period of time it is frustrating the scale cannot be changed.
- When changing input sensitivity, markers should remain at the same level (when marker was at -90dBm, it should remain at -90dBm even when sensitivity is changed), this is especially important when using auto sensitivity)

Reference waveforms in spectrum mode:
- In “peak hold”/”average” mode, there should be an option to add the average/peak waveform as the reference, and not only the last waveform.
- A reference waveform should be useable as a normalization for current waveform (for example to create frequency response plots using a noise source)

Measurements in spectrum mode:
- Add option to list ALL peaks values above a certain level (instead of only the highest peak)

- Zoom: allow user to enter the zoom boundaries manually (min max amplitude, min max frequency, start/stop time). This way zoom can be set to nice even numbers resulting in a nice grid instead.
- The functions “copy …. as image” should have an equivalent “save …. as image”. This avoids having to paste the file in another program such as ms Paint to generate the image file for documentation purposes.

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