How to Get Support from Picoscope

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How to Get Support from Picoscope

Post by clintbrown631 »

Anyone actually know how to get support from Picoscope on writing your own programs in C/C++ or do they not support?

Simple program -

#include "ps3000aApi.h"
#include "picoStatus.h"

int main()
PICO_STATUS picostatus;

int16_t iHandle;
int8_t iSerial;

picostatus = ps3000aOpenUnit(&iHandle, &iSerial);

printf("picostatus=%u iHandle=%i iSerial=%i", picostatus, iHandle, iSerial);

if (picostatus == PICO_OK) picostatus = ps3000aCloseUnit(iHandle);

Got build – and running program yields

picostatus=3 iHandle=0 iSerial=-52

Dlls located with executable ps3000a.dll, picoipp.dll, 32 bit sdk loaded.

I call support at picoscope am told to write support@picotech as US doesn't know C/C++???. I do that after a week call - they never got my original request??? - and then I get another response 'Unfortunately I am not familiar with C/C++ in any detail so can’t help with that I’m afraid.'

Examples are useless as so old they do not compile under available development tools (VS2022), no specific development tools are identified VS2005? 2010? 2012? 2015? 2017? And do the dlls run under Windows 10? Which development tool, not supported under Windows 10, am I searching for? I have provided a very simple program - open scope, close scope – and this doesn’t run. Yes it was derived from what I could see in your examples but I am facing a problem external to your examples such as what dll should be used and does this dll work under Windows 10. I need help here.

Anyone have any luck actually getting support from Pico?

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Re: How to Get Support from Picoscope

Post by bennog »

Pleas take a look at.

Here are a lot of examples and modes of operation for the scope.

Also for other languages then C/C++


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Re: How to Get Support from Picoscope

Post by Martyn »

Try passing the serial number for the device you are connecting to

Code: Select all

int8_t iSerial[] = "ABCxx/yyy";
picostatus = ps3000aOpenUnit(&iHandle, &iSerial[0]);
The return code may be something other than PICO_OK if you are using a USB2 Cable/Port or don't have the power supply connected.
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