Offset Voltage saved in .psdata file?

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Offset Voltage saved in .psdata file?

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I was browsing some old waveform captures of mine in order to check something and I realised that I was not able to figure out if I had applied analogue voltage offsets on the channels in order to improve the voltage resolution. Other parameters such the coupling that has been used (DC or AC) are shown in the properties panel but not the offset voltages. Am I missing something and not looking at the right place? I also checked in MATLAB and could not find any of this information saved in the .mat file.
If the voltage offset information is not saved in the output .psdata file, is there a possibility that it could be added in Picoscope 6 or 7 (I haven't checked ver7 yet - sorry)?
I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you very much for your time.


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