3406D MSO loading the signal

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3406D MSO loading the signal

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I have just recently bought the above model and have run into an issue with signals in the low MHz range.

The scope is loading the signal to the point where the signal becomes triangular. Attached are two examples - a 12.288MHz square wave as displayed by PicoScope and the same signal as displayed by a Tektronix scope.

Scope probes were on x1 in both cases.

Any advice welcome.
Screenshot 2022-07-22 at 17.48.04.png

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Re: 3406D MSO loading the signal

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Are you using the exact same probes when you try this on your Tek scope and PicoScope?

The bandwidth of a scope probe in 1:1 attenuation setting is significantly lower than its 10:1 setting. I don't know what probes you're using, but the current passive probes Pico sells have a 10MHz bandwidth in 1:1 mode. See page 7 here: https://www.picotech.com/download/manua ... -guide.pdf

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