Two Machines on one Data Logger --> multiple independent Triggers

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Two Machines on one Data Logger --> multiple independent Triggers

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Hello community,

this is my first post in this forum and I am very new to PicoScope.

Use Case description:

My data logger has 8 ports (model: 4824A). I want to use this data logger to gather data from two different production machines.
Machine 1 will be connected to the ports A,B,C and D of the data logger.
Machine 2 will be connected to E,F,G and H.

Now I want that when the trigger on channel A triggers (Machine 1), than only the signals from A,B,C and D will be stored.
Then there should be an independent trigger2. When this trigger2 triggers, then the signals from port E,F,G and H should be stored in a file.

So what I want are two independent triggers while using only one data logger. And each trigger only saves the data of some of the ports and not all.

Therefore I think I can’t use logical OR triggers, because everytime one gets triggered, then all of the channels will be stored and not only 4 channels.

Is there a way to implement my Use Case? The tools that I can use are the PicoScope 6 GUI or the PicoSDK Python API.

Again in Pseudo Code:

Trigger trigger1;
Trigger trigger2;

if trigger1.triggers = true THEN STORE wavesignal FROM channelA,B,C,D
if trigger2.triggers = true THEN STORE wavesignal FROM channelE,F,G,H

Eventually I want to implement the above in Streaming Mode. But for now I just want to know if the above mentioned is possible or not. :D

Thanks a lot,

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