Attaching thermocouples to PCB and MOSFETS

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Attaching thermocouples to PCB and MOSFETS

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Good morning,

I am involved in a power electronics project where it is necessary to attach thermocouples to most possible points on a PCB. This includes tracks, plastic MOSFET surfaces (can reach 120ºC), and metal drain pads. I have read about several methods for this approaches. Summing up:

1. High-temperature solder
2. Aluminum tape in combination with polyimide tape
3. Epoxy resin — conductive or non-conductive

I have connected three different TC-08 devices full of k-types thermocouples.

The one that seems most suitable for my applications seems the epoxy resin. Until now, I was using a silicone sealent AS1701-75ML. However it takes a lot to cure and seems not be the best option.

In this video:

they use a red epoxy resin to attach them. Does anybody know the reference of this adhesive product?

Could someone give me different epoxy adhesive references they have used and worked well?

Any other recommendation would be great.

Thank you in advance :D ,

José Miguel.

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