Java multiple inheritance?

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Java multiple inheritance?

Post by kokilasoral »

Hi, everyone
C++ is my 1st language but I now I want to learn Java.
C++ accepts multiple inheritance.
Class d
Protected class q(), class w()
But Java doesn't accept multiple inheritance.
Java use interfaces to contrivance multiple inheritance.
how to use interface to achieve multiple inheritance.
Thank you

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Re: Java multiple inheritance?

Post by Martyn »

Have you used C++ to control our scopes, and are now looking to try and do the same with Java ?
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Re: Java multiple inheritance?

Post by Sanjay »

Multiple inheritance:

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public class Example {
	public interface Animal {}
	public interface FourLegs {}
	public interface EightLegs {}
	public class Insect {}

	public abstract class Spider extends Insect implements Animal, EightLegs {}
	public class Pegasus implements Animal, FourLegs {}


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