How to write Fortran Code for controlling DrDaq

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How to write Fortran Code for controlling DrDaq

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I am now considering to interface the existing control programs written in Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 (with Visual Fortran Version 6) to DrDaq. So far as I know, Visual Fortran and Visual C or C++ can communicate well (i.e. mixed language programming). Since the driver for DrDaq was written probably in C (with Visual C :?: ), I wonder is there any way to write Fortran code with Visual Fortran directly calling the driver ? I am not sure if it is better to call the DLL or to link my Fortran program with the msdrdaq.lib ? Any suggestion is welcomed !

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I haven't programmed Fortran for years, and I've never tried calling dlls myself!

Maybe someone else on the forum will have a suggestion?

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