Parallel port DrDaq

Post your experiences of using the Raspberry Pi with the DrDAQ
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Parallel port DrDaq

Post by brimstone »

After unsuccessfully searching the forums for DrDaq I came to to PicoTech forums and discovered not only a forum but drivers too...maybe you should "advertise" a little? :)

I'd like to use "old" sensors and parallel port DrDaq with the Raspberry Pi but see that you have discontinued the parallel to USB adapter cable. :(

There has been some discussion on about using the GPIO for parallel port connectivity...would this be viable as a means of (schools) continuing to use DrDaq technology for sensing?

Are you contemplating releasing a DrDaq-specific parallel to GPIO cable and driver? Or can you publish the necessary specifications to enable others to create them?

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Re: Parallel port DrDaq

Post by Martyn »

The parallel to USB adapter was discontinued due to a part no longer being available.

No work is being done with the old parallel port DrDaq as it is discontinued and, as we don't release interface specifications, the only way to use a DrDaq and Pi combination would be to get hold of the new USB DrDaq.
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