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A new PicoScope 7 stable release



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We are delighted to announce that PicoScope 7.1.13 is now live! We are constantly updating PicoScope 7 to provide the best user experience, and to implement exciting new features. Here's a list of new features added in PicoScope 7.1.13:

  • Measurements – Top, Base, Amplitude, Positive Overshoot, Negative Overshoot
  • Math Channel Functions – Top, Base, Amplitude, Positive Overshoot, Negative Overshoot, Delay
  • Some measurements can now be set to measure first cycle from trigger
  • New protocol decoder - Extended UART
  • New protocol decoder - NMEA-183
  • New protocol decoder - SENT SPC
  • Pulse Width and Window Pulse Width now offer “Either” polarity triggering
  • Dropout Direction / Location added to Dropout / Window Dropout trigger type
  • Phase Rulers can now be split into 36 segments
  • Ranges for the Pico TA041 Active Differential Probe have been updated and expanded.

Pico Technology is committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. PicoScope 7 software benefits from regular updates and additional support for new serial communication standards, ensuring it remains up-to-date with the latest communication protocol advancements.

You can download the newest stable release of PicoScope 7 for free on our website.