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April 2015

Introducing PicoAssured

PicoAssured is the new range of high-quality refurbished products from Pico Technology. You can now buy ex-demonstration and recently discontinued oscilloscopes at less than their original prices and still enjoy these first-class benefits:

  • Five-year warranty
  • Free software updates
  • Basic and advanced software features included as standard
  • Free technical support

The PicoAssured range of oscilloscopes includes:

PicoScope 2200 Series
50 to 200 MHz
2 channels
Arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) built in
From £244.30 /
US $403 /
PicoScope 3200A Series
60 to 200 MHz
2 channels
Function generator or AWG built in
From £339.15 /
US $560 /
PicoScope 3400A Series
60 to 200 MHz
4 channels
Function generator or AWG built in
From £509.15 /
US $840 /
PicoScope 3000 MSO Series
60 to 200 MHz
2 analog channels + 16 digital
AWG built in
From £551.65 /
US $910 /

Visit PicoAssured to find out if you could save money

Custom application: testing CAN bus signals in avionics

CAN bus was originally developed for the automotive industry but is now also used in the environmental control systems of aircraft. Its advantages include fault-tolerance, predictable timing and a good balance between performance and cost.

The PicoScope 6 software included with all PicoScope oscilloscopes has CAN bus decoding built in, but some customers requiring more detailed signal quality analysis have used our SDK to develop their own applications. One example is Vector Informatik GmbH, who are using PicoScope 5000 Series Flexible Resolution Oscilloscopes in the development and maintenance of CAN buses in avionics. PicoScope 5000 Series oscilloscopes are especially suited to this kind of analysis because they provide a range of modes from high speed to high resolution in one instrument.

Read Testing of CAN signals by Jörn Haase and Gavin Rogers of Vector Informatik GmbH

Video of the month: floating measurements

Our engineers have been busy developing a new oscilloscope for making floating measurements. It's still only a prototype, but on 1st April we released this video preview. The basic concept seems sound but we think that fan noise might be a problem.

PicoScope frequency and duty cycle measurements

PicoScope oscilloscopes can perform a wide range of measurements. These are grouped into two measurement systems: automated measurements and math channels. Here is how to display two commonly used measurements—frequency and duty cycle—using the two systems:

  • Using the Measurements > Add command (or equally the Measurements button on the lower toolbar), you can display both Frequency and Duty Cycle measurements in numerical form. The numbers are continually updated and include statistics showing their variability.
  • Using the Tools > Math Channels command, you can create a new waveform (a math channel) that plots the changing frequency or duty cycle of the signal. This is extremely useful for interpreting the outputs of sensors that encode analog parameters as frequency-modulated or pulse-width modulated (PWM) digital signals – typical sensors include temperature, flow, pressure and magnetic field transducers. Once in the Math Channel Wizard, click Advanced to reveal the buttons for these and many other functions.

Tech Tip: PicoScope 6 and mouse wheel

Did you know that your mouse wheel can save you time in PicoScope 6? As well as the keyboard shortcuts for adjusting timebase and other controls, the mouse wheel operates on whichever scrollable control is in focus. For example, click twice on the arrow next to the timebase control so that the timebase setting is in focus (a dotted rectangle will appear around it). You can now change timebase by turning the mouse wheel.

Tech Tip: PicoScope 6 movable trigger toolbar

Did you also know that the triggering toolbar (initially at the bottom of the PicoScope 6 window) can be switched to the top of the window? This is useful when your Windows (or other) taskbar keeps popping up over the top of your PicoScope window, hiding the trigger controls. To move the triggering toolbar, go to Tools > Preferences > Options and check Move Trigger toolbar to top.


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