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May 2023

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PicoScope 7: Next-Generation Oscilloscope Software for Enhanced Performance and User Experience

Pico Technology is proud to announce the stable launch of its next-generation software: PicoScope 7. Building on the success of market-leading PicoScope 6 software, PicoScope 7 has been rewritten to take advantage of the latest PC and display technologies. PicoScope 7 boasts a range of enhanced features and functionality, making it the ideal choice for engineers and technicians looking for precise, reliable, and easy-to-use tools for their test and measurement needs.

PicoScope 7 is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. All current PicoScope models, from the entry-level 2000 Series through to the high-performance 6000E Series, are supported, as are legacy PicoScope models dating back a decade or more. The software is now stable, and free of charge for all PicoScope users.

You can find out more by checking out the full press release, or download the software from our website.


PicoVNA 5: A Game Changer Amongst USB Instrument Software

We are proud to have launched our game-changing new software platform for PicoVNA USB-controlled vector network analyzers, PicoVNA 5! The software is cross-platform - available on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and will run on PC's, Mac and embedded systems, X86 64 and AArch 64, down to and including
Raspberry Pi 3B+.

PicoVNA 5 has been designed with test system and OEM embed integrators in mind, providing programmer access through SCPI and API interfaces, and SDK examples for Matlab, Labview, Python, C, C# and C++. Pico has also ensured that PicoVNA 5 benefits from punishing Beta testing within advanced and demanding remote applications like yours.

PicoVNA 5 incorporates direct-to-developers feedback, through which users can provide ‘in the moment’ feedback, new feature requests, and guidance to their own future development priorities. The user can also report problems through this feedback method, should any be found. We hope that this will be the best and fastest path to optimizing our software for you, the user.

Visit our website to find out more about PicoVNA 5.


PicoScope 7: Video Guides

We have put together a new series of video guides demonstrating how to use PicoScope 7. These quick, minute-long videos offer tips and tricks on a variety of subjects, from the basics of waveform viewing to a look at our huge number of supported serial protocols. You can check out the full playlist of these video guides at the link below.

Do you want to see our PicoScope 7 software demos in person? Subscribers from the USA can come see us exhibiting at IMS 2023 in San Diego, from the 11th to the 16th of June.

PicoVNA 5: Software Guides and Webinar

Our new PicoVNA 5 software has officially launched! Mark Ashcroft, our RF Business Development Manager, introduces the software, as well as a series of videos sharing its features and benefits, such as the following:

- Click-it to control-it user interface;
- Multiple configurable views, zooms, markers and readouts;
- Rapid toggle between multiple concurrent User Workspaces;
- SDK supported SCPI and Easy-bind API remote interfaces;
- Automated E-Cal and SOLT or TRL/TRM Calibration.

Our PicoVNA 5 software will also be demonstrated live at IMS 2023 in San Diego, from the 11th to the 16th of June.
For an even more extensive look at PicoVNA 5, you can also check out our webinar on the software, presented by Mark Ashcroft. 


Serial Decoding in PicoScope 7

Did you know that our PicoScope 7 software includes a varied database of free serial decoders? We currently have over 30 supported serial protocols as standard, each of which offer different capabilities to decode, display, and analyze waveforms. Keep an eye out, as this list is constantly expanding!

Among these protocols is SENT bus decoding. SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission), SAE standard J2716, is a one way, point-to-point protocol for transmission of signal values from sensors to a controller. It is used mainly in automotive applications and enables reliable transmission of high-resolution data with lower cost than standards such as CAN, and higher bit rate than LIN.

SENT data format is determined by what is best suited to the application. Once the format and data set have been selected, it is usually fixed in the design or configured with nonvolatile memory so that the data is continually transmitted on power up.

The above video provides a quick guide to using serial protocols in PicoScope 7, or you can find out more in our A to Z library listing.

PicoScope 7 software with PicoScope 5444D MSO

Eddie from Kiss Analog demos the new PicoScope 7 software release, using a PicoScope 5444D MSO Oscilloscope. He shows the waveforms of a Class D amplifier using the ICEpower 125ASX2.


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You can find out more about these roles, including a job description and list of benefits, on our careers website. Apply now, or check out a number of other vacancies we're currently hiring for!

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