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May 2020

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Pico Technology Test & Measurement Newsletter
Welcome to the May newsletter

New 4-channel PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscopes are out today! We and our distributors are taking orders as usual, so why not take a look?

In other news, PicoVNA now connects to Cadence AWR and Optenni Lab. We meet Dave and find out about his problems with probes, and also learn how to get started with PicoLog 6 and a Raspberry Pi. Speaking of PicoLog 6, there's a new stable release out this month, too!

If you're working from home, show us your setup and help fight Covid‑19.

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5 GHz sampling • up to 4 GS capture memory • MSO options
8-bit fixed or 8/10/12-bit FlexRes®

New 4-channel models out now

From $4865 • €4135 • £3415
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Pico is open for business! We're delivering, direct and through distributors.
There's always room for a PicoScope | We're delivering: Find out more >

We're accepting orders as usual and working closely with distributors so you can get the Pico products you want when you need them. Our teams are still working hard on product development and technical support, we have plenty of stock, and our despatch team is ready and waiting to fulfil your order!
Montage showing the PicoVNA 106 alongside the Network Metrology Training Kit and screenshots of Optenni Lab and Cadence AWR software.

The PicoVNA 106 Vector Network Analyzer now connects to the Cadence AWR Microwave Office and Optenni Lab CAD design environments, in a move that will benefit microwave and antenna design as well as educational use.

Support for Microwave Office comes in the form of a freely downloadable AWR Design Environment wizard, while Optenni Lab (version 4.3 SP5 and later) directly interfaces to the PicoVNA 2 DLL.

Designed within Microwave Office and supplied with the MWO project file, our Network Metrology Training kit enables students to experience the entire Design – Simulate – Implement – Validate cycle, and compare and use real-world measurements in their CAD environments.

Learn more
Video: This is Dave... A probe positioning system story
Meet Dave. Dave is an electronic engineer who's just bought a nice new 8-channel PicoScope. He's just discovered a slight problem, though...

Like most of us, Dave only has one pair of hands, but the PCB he wants to test has eight signals he wants to monitor (hence the 8-channel scope).

Will Dave probe his circuit? Will he ever be able to use his new scope? Is there an answer that doesn't involve calamari? Watch this video to find out...
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Video: Raspberry Pi setup help
Running PicoLog 6 on a Raspberry Pi opens up a world of remote data logging possibilities, but some people find the prospect of setting up the Pi daunting.

Never fear! In this video, Kieran Winstanley guides you through the process, from installing Raspbian Buster to collecting data from your logger.
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Software update
PicoLog 6.1.16 is out now.

This stable release includes all the features from last month's beta release. We've improved the user interface, with simpler capture controls, and you can now export to HDF5 format (handy for MATLAB users or anyone else wanting to manage especially large amounts of data).

See the release notes for more information.
Download now
What's your setup? [Picture of a camera]
Wooden desk in open window on balcony, with a laptop, a standard monitor and PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscope.

Last month, we showed you the home-working setups of some of Pico's staff. This month, we're asking you to share your at-home PicoScope setups!

For every photo uploaded to our Facebook page, Pico Technology will donate £10* to Médecins Sans Frontières, who are fighting to help save the lives of people affected by COVID-19 around the world.

*Up to a maximum of £1000.

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