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May 2016

New PicoScope 2000A and 2000B oscilloscopes now shipping

The latest PicoScope 2000 Series low-cost, ultra-compact oscilloscopes give you better performance and more features than ever before – all in an extremely portable package. Now you can carry an oscilloscope, function generator, arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer and serial protocol decoder with you wherever you go. PicoScope USB oscilloscopes run on practically any PC or laptop with Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Up to 100 MHz bandwidth • Up to 1 GS/s sampling on analog channels • Mixed signal (MSO) models with 16 digital channels • Up to 128 MS deep buffer memory • Up to 1 MHz function generator and AWG • Serial decoding, math channels, spectrum analyzer, color persistence display, mask limit testing included as standard

Entry-level models from only $129 / €109 / £79 without probes

Deep-memory models from only $379 / €319 / £229 including probes

Read PicoScope 2000 Series detailed description and specifications

Watch Picoscope 2208B unboxing video (YouTube) produced by the Code and Life blog

Updated app: frequency response analyzer

Aaron Hexamer's powerful FRA4PicoScope app now works for the new PicoScope 2000A and 2000B oscilloscopes as well as most other PicoScopes. It uses the oscilloscope's signal generator to drive the circuit under test and produces a Bode plot of amplitude and phase response. The app was developed for testing the stability of switch mode power supplies (SMPS) but could also be used to analyze any amplifier or control system with a feedback loop.

Join the FRA4PicoScope discussion on our forum

Download the code from Bitbucket

New PicoScope beta releases

PicoScope Beta 6.12.2 for Windows

PicoScope Beta 6.12.2, the latest release of the PicoScope 6 oscilloscope software, includes:

  • New color-coded serial decoding – for easier interpretation of the graphical serial decoding view.
  • New edge-counting function – by popular request, PicoScope can now count the edges in a signal. Go to Tools > Measurements > Add Measurement. There are three new measurement types: Edge count, Rising edge count and Falling edge count.
  • Improved support for touchscreens - more controls now have touch-friendly buttons and menus (as in the new timebase selection menu shown opposite) for easier operation

Download PicoScope R6.12.2 Beta (free of charge)

PicoScope Beta for OS X

This new release of the PicoScope software for Apple Mac computers now supports the recently released PicoScope 2000A and 2000B oscilloscopes. Note that PicoScope for OS X contains most but not all of the features (detailed list published in March 2015 newsletter) of PicoScope for Windows. Please download the software to check that it is suitable for your application.

Download PicoScope R6.11.13.2 Beta for OS X (free of charge)

Video of the month: PicoScope 2000 mixed signal oscilloscopes (MSOs)

Continuing the theme of PicoScope 2000 Series oscilloscopes, this month's video presents the four new mixed signal oscilloscopes (MSOs) in the series. Each MSO includes includes a logic analyzer integrated with an oscilloscope, packaged in an ultra-compact enclosure no bigger than the standard two-channel and four-channel oscilloscopes in the series.

Watch PicoScope 2000 Mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) (YouTube video)

Each MSO model provides:

  • 2 analog channels
  • 16 digital channels
  • 1 single-channel arbitrary waveform generator

The four models are as follows:

Visit the Pico Technology channel on YouTube for more videos about PicoScope oscilloscopes, PicoScope software and other Pico products.

Awards news: Finalist in Elektronik Product of the Year 2016

We recently reached the final of Elektronik magazine's Product of the Year 2016 awards, with the PicoScope 3000D Series oscilloscopes winning a place in the Measurement Technology category. Pico Technology's Carl Bradbury visited Elektronik in Munich to pick up the award.

The PicoScope 3000D Series scopes can capture up to 100,000 waveforms per second. Models are available with bandwidths up to 200 MHz, 2 or 4 channels, plus 16 digital channels on the mixed signal (MSO) models. Buffer sizes range from 64 to 512 MS. Maximum sampling rate is 1 GS/s and connection to the PC is by USB 3.0. Digital triggering, spectrum analysis and an arbitrary waveform generator are included as standard.

Details of the PicoScope 3000D Series oscilloscopes

Tech Tips

Q. I'm using a PicoScope 2204A. I would like to save measurements in multiple files (one file per waveform) in the .mat format. However, I can't save more than 32 files, due to the PicoScope's limited memory apparently. Is there any way I can save more files (the measurements have to be continuous of course)?

A. The number of waveforms in PicoScope is not limited by the oscilloscope's buffer memory. You can increase the default number of 32 waveforms in the waveform buffer up to a maximum of 10 000. Click Tools > Preferences, then in the General tab change the number of Maximum Waveforms.

PicoScopes let you run the oscilloscope and AWG at the same timeQ. Is it possible to use the PicoScope 2204A in oscilloscope mode and AWG mode at the same time so that I can use the AWG as the input signal of my circuit and the oscilloscope to visualize the output signal?

A. Yes, all PicoScopes let you run the oscilloscope and AWG at the same time. This is very useful for checking that the AWG output is what you expect, and of course can also be used to test the oscilloscope inputs. There are some pictures of PicoScope doing exactly this in the Oscilloscope Mode and AWG Mode forum post.


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