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June 2023

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PicoScope 2000 Series Oscilloscope: An Overview

The PicoScope 2000 Series is our most portable and affordable range of USB Oscilloscopes. The 2000 Series scopes feature 2 to 4 analog channels, a built-in signal generator, and a wide selection of free serial protocol decoders. 

PicoScope 2000A models deliver unbeatable value for money, starting at £95. Meanwhile, PicoScope 2000B models have the added benefits of deep memory (up to 128 MS), higher bandwidth (up to 100 MHz) and faster waveform update rates. In such a small package, you take this 6-in-1 tool to any lab or home office, plug it into any laptop, Mac or PC, and start diagnosing straight away. 

Be sure to check out our PicoScope 2000 Series overview video on YouTube, and find out more about the capabilities of the 2000 series on our website.

Math Channels on PicoScope 7

In this video, James presents a quick overview of how to get started with Math Channels on PicoScope 7. This is a part of our series of brief video guides demonstrating PicoScope 7's capabilities. You can find this video, as well as a playlist of others like it, on the Pico Technology YouTube channel.

PicoScope 7: Tech Tips!


Did you know... if your PicoScope has an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) built in, you can use it to reproduce a waveform which you have captured on a scope channel? When you’ve got a waveform you want to copy, in the ‘Arbitrary (AWG)’ dialog, go to the ‘Source’ tab and Import the whole trace. Then your PicoScope will output your imported waveform!

You can download PicoScope 7 for free from our website.


Phase Measurements in PicoScope 7

Phase difference between two channels can be measured with PicoScope in several ways. The best method depends on the type of signal being measured (sine wave or other), if it is changing over time, and the accuracy required.

Phase Ruler boundaries can be set to show a complete cycle of zero to 360 or 720 degrees. Vertical Rulers can then be positioned anywhere relative to the cycle boundaries. Phase, and relative phase is displayed in the Rulers readout box. This method is ideal for sine or complex, non-sinusoidal waveforms that don’t change over time. Accuracy depends on the precision with which the user positions the Rulers on the display relative to the waveforms.
Automated phase measurement is now available in the latest PicoScope 7 release. It's found under the new "Multi-Channel" category in the measurements sidebar, and can be used to measure the phase difference between two selected channels. 

For a more comprehensive look at phase measurements in PicoScope 7, you can visit the A to Z library on our website.


PicoLog Cloud 6.2.8


The latest release of PicoLog Cloud features the following updates:

- Added `integral`, `time`, `interval` math channels
- Added scientific numbering axes labelling
- Added Y-Axis log scale
- Fixed the channel swap issue with PicoLog 1000
- Added missing voltage ranges to PicoScope 5000 devices

You can download PicoLog Cloud from our website.


Upcoming Exhibitions


Want to see us in person? We at Pico appear at a variety of live events and exhibitions worldwide. At these, we offer demonstrations of our products, software and features. You can find these dates for the diary below:

European Microwave Week 2023 // Berlin, Germany // 17th-22nd September
Engineering Design Show // Coventry, UK // 11th-12th October

To see our calendar of upcoming appearances, check out the events page on the Pico Technology website.


Our Vacancies


Want to join us at Pico? We're always looking to expand the Pico family; if you want to join a fast growing company offering flexible working and great benefits, there might be a role for you at Pico!
We are currently looking to fill the following roles:

Senior Software Development Engineer (C++)
Senior Software Test Engineer
Hardware Development Engineer 

You can find out more about these roles, including a job description and list of benefits, on our careers website. Apply now, or check out a number of other vacancies we're currently hiring for!

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