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June 2022

June 2022

This month, we're excited to announce the upcoming inclusion of E-Cal and TRL features on PicoVNA 106.

Additionally, we have plenty of videos to share with you in June. Our new PicoByte series launches with a top-tips video, as well as a video on OEM applications, and a PicoScope 5000 Series demonstration video in collaboration with SDG Electronics.

Be sure to check out our focus on FlexRes this month!

Want to see us in person? Find a list of our upcoming exhibitions below.

Final admin includes a notification for all PicoScope Linux users and retirement news.

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PicoVNA: E-Cal and TRL to be available on PicoVNA 106

Minimized as far as possible, the manual calibration process involves several torqued connect/disconnect operations and a manual loading of unique data files for each standard. The E-Cal SOLT calibration process reduces this to just two connections by internally switching its calibration standards. The process becomes automatic and highly repeatable, with power, control, and data read all managed by the PicoVNA software over a USB interface.

Meanwhile, TRL/TRM calibration (through, reflect, line and match, respectively) typically gains favour when needing to measure substrate mounted DUTs, for example, surface-mounted networks or components. The line, match and reflections (shorts or opens) can all be readily fabricated on substrate and at precise on-substrate measurement reference planes, for example surface mount device pins.

These calibration methods will soon become available for the PicoVNA 106 Vector Network Analyser, our 6 GHz maximum frequency model; this is ideal for both intermediate and experienced users alike. Find out more about our VNA products, and E-Cal and TRL/TRM calibration, on our website.
We are happy to launch our new video series, PicoByte. This is a monthly top-tip video on all things Pico testing and measurement. Covering a variety of topics from PicoScope 7 Early Access Tips and Tricks to byte-sized tutorials on hardware debugging.
In this month’s PicoByte, we have created an overview into the latest PicoScope 7 Early Access Software to help familiarise yourself with the tools and features available to be able to use a PicoScope to the fullest. 

OEM applications video

In this video Trevor Smith and Mike Purday talk about the capabilities of the PC based Pico oscilloscopes and what is it that makes them so appealing to our OEM customers. They also talk about programming the instruments, which is a key feature of our oscilloscopes. PicoScopes are often used to address several applications for OEM customers and work alongside our other product ranges such as data loggers and RF test equipment.

SDG Electronics: PicoScope 5000 Series Demonstration

Steve from SDG Electronics provides us with two demonstrations using a PicoScope 5000D series to validate the operating characteristics and power efficiency of an AC LED lighting controller. He then illustrates the integration and debug of an RS-485 control link between a humidity sensor and a bathroom extractor fan.

PicoScope and FlexRes

The PicoScope 5000D series provide all the features of the popular PicoScope 3000D series such as:
- Bandwidths from 70 MHz to 200 MHz
- Built-in function/arbitrary waveform generator
- MSO versions providing 16 digital channels
- 18 serial decoding protocols as standard, including RS232, SPI, I2C, CAN, and many more.
- Spectrum analyser mode.
In addition the 5000D series adds Flexible Resolution capability, allowing users to change the vertical resolution settings, in hardware, from 8 bits at the fastest sample rate, up to 16 bits at reduced sample rate.
Fast sampling at 8 bits allows high timing resolution for fast digital signals, whereas increased vertical resolution is ideal for visualising low level analog effects, making the 5000D series a great multipurpose oscilloscope for general use.

Our exhibitions

Today is the first day of both ATE and embeddedworld! For one last look at the event details, check out the links below.

International Microwave Symposium 2022 // 19-24th June, Denver, Colorado, USA
Automotive Testing Expo 2022 // 21st-23rd June, Messe Stuttgart, Germany
embeddedworld 2022 // 21st-23rd June, Nuremberg, Germany

For more information on how to attend and meet us in person, check out the exhibition websites. In addition, be sure to check out our Pico Events page on our website, to be kept up to date on our upcoming appearances.

Hope to see you there!


Changes to supported Linux versions and libraries

As part of our continuous commitment to supporting the latest software platforms, we now support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. However, we will no longer be supporting version 18.04 LTS. We will continue to support openSUSE Leap 15.3.

In addition, our dependency on the Linux GLIBC libraries has moved from GLIBC_2.24 to GLIBC_2.28. Those of you using the supported Ubuntu versions described above will not be affected by this change. We also believe that Ubuntu 18.04 LTS users also will not be affected. However, it is possible that some users of versions 18.04 LTS or older may experience a "GLIBC_2.28 not found" warning and inoperative software when trying to use PicoScope 7 with it.

For this reason, we recommend that those of you that use older, unsupported, Ubuntu versions either upgrade your Ubuntu to the later, supported, versions or do not upgrade your PicoScope software beyond version 7.0.101.


Retirement news

Some retirement news to share this month. Trevor Smith, our Business Development Manager, is retiring on June 30th after 9 years with Pico Technology. Trevor has a bucket list he’s looking forward to pursuing starting with a Norwegian Fjords cruise and climbing Mt Triglav, the largest mountain in Slovenia!

Carl Bradbury, a key part of our sales team for the past 7 years is retiring on July 26th 2022. Carl is looking forward to extended holidays in the Mediterranean and improving his piano playing.
The entire team at Pico would like to wish Trevor and Carl an enjoyable and relaxing retirement and thank them for all their hard work.

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