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June 2011

PicoScope 9000 Series Training Videos: Part 5

The PicoScope 9000 Series 12 GHz PC Sampling Oscilloscopes are specialized instruments ddesigned for analyzing serial data signal quality, for characterizing cables, connectors and circuit boards, and for TDR/TDT testing. 8 GHz optical-input models are also available.

These scopes require careful setting up to obtain accurate results, so we have produced a series of instructional videos to help you use their capabilities to the full. Here is a selection of the latest video releases:

  • Advanced Menus: Pattern Sync Trigger. The PicoScope 9000’s built-in pattern sync trigger can step through an eye diagram one bit at a time to view the source of potential anomalies.
  • Advanced Menus: Channel Math. How to define advanced mathematical operations on or between channels. Includes an interesting demonstration of how different window algorithms used in FFTs appear in the time domain.
  • Advanced Menus: Spectrum Analyzer. The PicoScope 9000 includes FFT spectrum analyzer mode to view signals in the frequency domain. This video demonstrates a typical application comparing the phase angles between harmonics.

Explore our library of videos on our YouTube channel

Watch out for more videos later!

Elektor Reviews the New PicoScope 3000A and 3000B Series

“It is so good that it is difficult to return to using a conventional oscilloscope.”

Elektor magazine has printed a review of the new PicoScope 3000A and 3000B Series scopes. These scopes improve on the old 3000 Series with higher performance and a built–in signal generator, plus an arbitrary waveform generator on three of the models. Now you can carry a complete test bench along with your laptop to use for design, experimentation, troubleshooting and testing.

The main specifications are as follows:

  • Bandwidths from 60 MHz to 200 MHz
  • 500 MS/s sampling rate
  • Buffer sizes from 4 MS to 128 MS
  • USB-powered
  • Two x1/x10 probes included
  • Prices from £399 to £899 (about US$658 / €482 to US$1483 / €1087)

Read “PicoScope 3000 On Test — A new series of computerscopes in practice” by Elektor magazine

How to Measure Anything

We’ve updated our “How do I measure…” web page to give details of the latest Pico data loggers and other devices. If you’re wondering what equipment you need to measure…

acceleration, audio signals, automotive signals, battery discharge, current, the beating of a bird’s wing, flow, food temperature, frequency, humidity, liquid level, light level, the swing of a pendulum, pH, oxygen in air, pressure, strain, force and load, rainfall, resistance, sound level, temperature, video signals, voltage, WBGT (wet bulb globe temperature), 4-20 mA signals, speed of sound, speed of light, output of a dynamo, or the speed of a car…

…read the new, up–to–date How do I measure… page.

Questions and Answers

Here are some of the questions and answers that have cropped up recently on our discussion forum:

Q. How to overlap waveforms. It would be nice if we could overlap two saved waveforms in PicoScope.

A. This is easier than you think. Every saved, or ‘reference’, waveform has its own draggable axis. Locate the waveform’s vertical axis labels, which are color-matched to the waveform, and notice that the cursor changes to a double-headed arrow. Click and drag the labels up and down to move the waveform. This also works for live inputs and math channels. For more accurate control, click the colored button at the bottom of the axis and type in the exact vertical offset that you require.

Q. RS232/UART decoding in ASCII. RS232/UART decoding in PicoScope is an awesome feature. I can’t see a way to change the data from hex to ASCII. Am I correct in assuming it is a feature yet to be implemented?

A. It is possible in the current version of PicoScope. Click on View > Display Format in the Serial Decoding window and take your pick from Hex, Binary, Decimal or ASCII.


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