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July 2020

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Pico Technology Test & Measurement Newsletter
Welcome to Pico's July news. This month...

...we have a new video on deep-memory debugging, and a new app note on getting to grips with frequency response analysis. We also show how Pico instruments are ideal for colleges and universities.

In software news, there are new releases of PicoSample 3 and 4, and of PicoLog 6 Beta. PicoLog users also have a tech tip on alarm sound effects.

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The PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscopes come with 1, 2 or 4 GS capture memory. In this video, Pico's Trevor Smith demonstrates just what that means when it comes to debugging in PicoScope 6, including the use of our award-winning DeepMeasure tool.
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The PicoScope 2000 Series is one of our all-time bestsellers, and is proving particularly popular at the moment, with huge interest from universities and home-workers alike.

We're taking a look at what makes Pico so popular with academic institutions, and checking out a couple of our other products that are particularly suitable for use in these settings.
Real-time oscilloscopes
PicoScope 2000 Series mixed-signal oscilloscope with a passive voltage probe and a 20-way digital input cable. The oscilloscope is connected to a laptop by USB, and the PicoScope 6 software is visible on the screen.
Every PicoScope 2000 Series instrument is an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, function generator, arbitrary waveform generator and serial decoder in one compact, low-cost unit. MSO models only add to the flexibility on offer.

PicoScope 2000A models offer unbeatable value for money, while the PicoScope 2000B models come with faster waveform update rates, up to 128 MS capture memory and up to 100 MHz bandwidth.
RF products
Man pointing out detail on a computer screen to a female student. The computer is displaying data from the PicoVNA and Network Metrology Training Kit connected to it.
Our Network Metrology Training Kit allows students to learn about reflection and transmission measurements, S-parameters, standard measurement quantities and more.

Available as an accessory for the PicoVNA vector network analyzers, each kit provides a variety of passive and active test networks, calibration standards and test leads and, for Microwave Office users, the project files used in its design.
Data loggers
Two of our data loggers stand out as offering particularly good value to students. The DrDAQ multipurpose data logger and the PicoLog 1000 Series voltage data logger can both be used with either PicoLog 6 or PicoScope 6 software. You can also build your own applications using our software development kit, PicoSDK.
DrDAQ data logger.
DrDAQ is an incredibly versatile instrument. Use it with the PicoScope 6 software and it's a basic oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and signal generator. Use it with PicoLog 6 and it's a data logger with built-in light, temperature and sound sensors, and can also measure voltage, resistance, pH, humidity, pressure and more.
PicoLog 1000 Series data logger with terminal board attached.
The PicoLog 1000 Series are 10- and 12-bit voltage-input data loggers that combine a high channel count—up to 16 per logger—with fast sampling.

The optional terminal board has screw terminals that allow sensor wires to be attached for numerous laboratory applications.
If you're looking for a bespoke academic or workplace solution, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!
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FRA4PicoScope: Application note
PicoScope 5444D oscilloscope connected to a 1 MHz highpass filter
Frequency response analyzers are precision instruments used to test devices in the frequency domain, and can often be expensive. FRA4PicoScope enables frequency response analysis on PicoScope oscilloscopes, via the PicoSDK software development kit. It is free to download and use.

This new application note is a guide to installing and using this popular app.
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Software updates
Composite image of the splash screens for PicoSample 3 and PicoSample 4.
We've recently released updated versions of PicoSample 3 and 4, the software for our PicoScope 9000 Series of sampling oscilloscopes.

These are mostly concerned with performance and usability improvements. For more details, see the release notes on our downloads page.
Enlarged PicoLog 6 Beta icon
PicoLog 6.1.17 Beta is out now. For this release, we've improved sample point interpolation, which improves the way data appears on the screen. We've also introduced the ability to set your own alarm tone (see Tech tip below).

See the release notes for more information about these and other changes to the software.
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Tech tip: Changing the alarm tone in PicoLog 6 Beta
The PicoLog 6 software allows you to set alarms to play a sound when certain conditions are met. New PicoLog 6.1.17 Beta lets you choose whether to use the default sound (controlled by the operating system) or a sound file of your own choice.
Cropped screenshot of the PicoLog 6 Beta Settings menu. The
To set your own alarm sound, click the Settings icon in the left-hand panel, select Alarms & Notifications, make sure Play sounds and Custom alarm sound are enabled and click Browse to select a file.

You can use any WAV, MP3 or OGG file. It will play when an alarm is triggered, and stop when the alarm condition is no longer met.
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