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January 2020

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Pico Technology | Test and Measurement
Happy New Year! This month...

PicoScope features in a new OEM product
New-look accessory for the PT-104 data logger
Rearrange waveforms with no loss of resolution
Event and career news

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But first...
A smart scope for fast debug: coming soon – register now
An 8-channel PC oscilloscope with probes connected to all its analog inputs. Two MSO pods are also connected. The probe leads all head towards a circuit board held above the desk. The probes are a held in place by flexible supports. In the background, a laptop runs PicoScope 6, displaying analog and digital signals.
Meet the latest PicoScope!

8 channels • Optional MSO capability
Ultra-deep memory • New Pico probe holder system

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Splash screen for PicoScope 6 software, as used by the Kistler Group
In-cylinder pressure measurement is essential for the development of internal combustion engines, ensuring safe prototype testing, among other things. Kistler Instruments have integrated PicoScope technology into their Signal Conditioning Platform (SCP), to provide an ideal measuring chain for monitoring in-cylinder maximum pressure efficiently.
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PP660 Screw Terminal Adaptor: redesigned accessory
PP660 Screw terminal adaptor for the PT-104 data logger
The new, more robust, design for the PP660 Screw Terminal Adaptor makes it easier than ever to connect to the PT-104 Platinum Resistance Data Logger.

This adaptor allows you to connect PT100 probes not fitted with a mini-DIN connector, with no need for soldering.

The PT-104 data logger is not just suitable for temperature measurement, but for any application using 4-pin mini-DIN connectors, including audio.
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Did you know?
...that when you scale a waveform in PicoScope 6, you still maintain the full ADC resolution?
Displaying several waveforms at once can be confusing. It's difficult to understand the shape of a signal when others are being drawn on top of it, so PicoScope 6 has the Auto-Arrange Axes command, which you'll find in the Views menu or by right-clicking on the PicoScope display.
PicoScope 6 display showing four waveforms stacked so that each is drawn separately.
In this example, PicoScope is displaying all four waveforms at 30% vertical scale, shifted so they don't overlap.

The display is much clearer, and it's far easier to compare the signals, although the high frequency of the signal on Channel D makes it hard to see.
PicoScope 6 display showing a ramp-up waveform. The Zoom Overview window is visible to the bottom right.
But that doesn't mean there's any reduction in resolution.

To see more detail, simply zoom in using the controls in the Zooming and Scrolling toolbar at the top of the window. In this example, the horizontal zoom is set to x126, allowing us to see the shape of the waveform clearly.
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Would you like to join one of the Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For? Pico Technology is hiring...

We're looking for an electronic test engineer to work at our Cambridgeshire HQ, carrying out test, troubleshooting and repair work and working with our contract electronic manufacturers.

There are also several opportunities for hardware and software engineers in our development teams, both at graduate/junior level and with more experience.

To learn more about any of these positions or make a speculative application, visit our careers website today.
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