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February 2016

PicoAssured: get more for your money

Did you know that the PicoAssured range gives you access to high-quality refurbished products? You can buy ex-demonstration and recently discontinued oscilloscopes at less than their original prices and still enjoy these first-class benefits:

  • Five-year warranty
  • Free software updates
  • Basic and advanced software features included as standard
  • Free technical support

The PicoAssured range of oscilloscopes includes:

PicoScope 2200 Series 200 MHz, 2 channels, arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) built in

£359.40 / US $593 / €503

PicoScope 3200A Series 60 to 200 MHz, 2 channels, function generator or AWG built in From £239.40 / US $395 / €335
PicoScope 3400A Series 60 to 200 MHz, 4 channels, function generator or AWG built in From £359.40 / US $593 / €503
PicoScope 3000 MSO Series 60 to 200 MHz, 2 analog channels + 16 digital, AWG built in From £389.40 / US $645 / €545

Visit PicoAssured and get more for your money

Focus on: PicoScope 5000 Series

The award-winning PicoScope 5000 Series of Flexible Resolution Oscilloscopes are the only oscilloscopes to provide selectable hardware resolution from 8 to 16 bits in a single device while maintaining low noise and distortion. They achieve this using a novel digitizer architecture in which multiple high-resolution ADCs are sequenced in different series and parallel combinations.

Sampling rates and performance in the various configurations are as follows:

Resolution Max. sampling rate THD SFDR Noise
8 bits  1 GS/s < −60 dB > 60 dB 120 μV RMS
12 bits  500 MS/s < −70 dB > 60 dB 110 μV RMS
14 bits  125 MS/s < −70 dB > 70 dB 100 μV RMS
16 bits  62.5 MS/s < −70 dB > 70 dB 70 μV RMS

Other specifications:

  • 2 and 4 channel models
  • 60 to 200 MHz bandwidth options
  • Arbitrary waveform generator
  • Up to 512 million sample buffer memory
  • Software resolution enhancement to 20 bits
  • Advanced triggers including pulse width, dropout, window, runt pulse, logic and delayed
  • Math channels
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Serial decoding of 16 protocols including SPI, I²C, I²S, UART/RS-232, CAN, LIN and SENT

This great performance, combined with the advanced features of the PicoScope 6 software, means that the PicoScope 5000 Series is the only general-purpose oscilloscope that you need on your workbench.

Full details and specifications of the PicoScope 5000 Series

Video of the month: How To Use A PicoScope 5000 Series USB Oscilloscope

Our video this month demonstrates the PicoScope 5000 Series Flexible Resolution Oscilloscope. Published by distributor Distrelec and presented by our very own expert Trevor Smith, the video shows this scope's unique ability to switch hardware resolution on the fly, allowing you to optimize it for either speed or precision. Whichever resolution you set it to, this oscilloscope gives you superior dynamic performance thanks to its clever use of multiple high-resolution ADCs.

Watch "How To Use A PicoScope 5000 Series USB Oscilloscope - Distrelec TechTalk" on YouTube

Tech Tips: invisible integrals; data logging to Excel

PicoScope 6 math channelQ. I am using PicoScope 6 to generate a sine wave and then integrate it, but the result is just zero. What could be wrong?

A. This can be caused by incorrect scaling of the vertical axis. When you integrate a signal, the amplitude of the result is proportional to the collection time. If the collection time is measured in microseconds, for example, the amplitude of the integral will be of the order of microvolt-seconds. To correct this, you can change the Range settings in the Math Channel Wizard to, for example, –1E–6 to 1E–6.

ADC-20 Data LoggerQ. How can I transfer my ADC-20 data to Microsoft Excel?

A. Once you have completed your data logging, click File > Save as in the PicoLog Recorder software and change the Save as type: to 'Comma separated value files (*.csv)'. You can then import the CSV files into Microsoft Excel.


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