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August 2023

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Using PSDATA Files | PicoScope 7

Standard oscilloscopes use a USB stick and a static screenshot to share waveforms between users. Using a PicoScope allows you to save not just the waveform, but an interactive dataset using the .PSDATA format. Allowing colleagues or friends to analyse and decode your waveform from across the globe.


PicoScope 7.1 Early Access Features

We are constantly updating PicoScope 7 to provide the best user experience, and to implement exciting new features. Here's a list of new features added in recent PicoScope 7.1 Early Access updates:
- New serial decoder added- NMEA0183 
- New serial decoder added - Sent SPC
- New measurements added - 'Top', 'Base', 'Amplitude', '+ Overshoot', and '- Overshoot' added
- New maths functions added - 'Top', 'Base', '+ Overshoot', '- Overshoot', and 'Amplitude' 
- Measurement improvements - Option to take some measurements from the cycle at the trigger position
- Trigger improvements -  Pulse Width and Window Pulse Width triggers are now able to trigger for either polarity.

Download PicoScope 7.1 Early Access now on our website.


PicoScope 7: Tech Tips!

Need to keep track of a previously measured waveform?

In PicoScope 7, you can quickly save a reference waveform, and measure it as though it were another channel. Simply add or open a waveform using the Reference waveforms tab; once added, you can add an automated measurement in the Measurements tab by your reference waveform as the Source. 

In the example above, we’ve made a copy of channel A: “A-Copy”, and we’re comparing it to a smaller amplitude sinusoidal waveform. 

You can download PicoScope 7 for free from our website.


Improving the accuracy of temperature measurements

Consider what you are trying to measure the temperature of. An example that seems simple at first is measuring room temperature to 1°C accuracy. However, since temperature is not necessarily consistent across the room, this may prove trickier than first thought.

On our website, we share a case study demonstrating how to use the TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger, or the PT-104 High-accuracy Temperature Data Logger, to take temperature measurements accurate to 1°C.

Check out the full case study, and our collection of data loggers, on the
Pico Technology website.


Q&A: Questions raised at IMS 2023

Pico Technology participated in this year’s International Microwave Symposium (IMS) held at the San Diego Convention Center. The IMS is a flagship global event with 500+ exhibitors from around the world dedicated to the RF and microwave world.

We were proud to engage with over 150 booth visitors looking for answers to their technical questions about our products and asking for live demonstrations performed by our application engineering team. Here are some highlights:

Q) How can the PicoScope 9300 or 9400 series scopes help me, and my company have confidence going into compliance testing? 

A) Our 9000 series scopes are a competitive tool for performing pre-compliance testing for protocols such as Ethernet, PCIe, HDMI, USB, and more. Being able to confirm key performance points such as eye diagrams will give hardware engineers confidence in the design to move forward.

Q) Why is the new PicoVNA5 software such a big deal? 

A) PicoVNA5 isn't just a reskin of an old software. PicoVNA5 is a night and day overhaul from PicoVNA3. With nearly unlimited options for graphing measurements, displaying data, arranging displays, and multiple TD plots, PicoVNA5 will easily fit into many applications.

Q) How can we integrate your equipment into our larger designs?

A) We offer our free Software Development Kit (SDK), compatible with all our instruments, to allow users to programmatically control whichever device they are interested in. From combining multiple scopes to operate as one 64 channel "super scope" or using our scope with other 3rd party devices under one Labview VI, we give customers full control with our SDK.


Upcoming Exhibitions


Want to see us in person? We at Pico appear at a variety of live events and exhibitions worldwide. At these, we offer demonstrations of our products, software and features. You can find these dates for the diary below:

Electronica India // Bangalore, India // 13th-15th September
European Microwave Week 2023 // Berlin, Germany // 17th-22nd September
Engineering Design Show // Coventry, UK // 11th-12th October

To see our calendar of upcoming appearances, check out the events page on the Pico Technology website.


Meet the team: James Niblock

James recently started at Pico Technology in the role of Director of Business Development.
James is tasked with growing Pico’s global commercial business (in both Test & Measurement and Automotive). He also manages the Product Management team and has a keen desire to grow the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) business, in which other companies integrate Pico products into their wider offering. If you think you have an applications/use case for this, please reach out to us directly.

Beyond his professional endeavours, James spends quality time with his family - his wife, Alison, and their three children. Their home is also quite the menagerie, with several beloved pets, including five chickens, Pixie the pug, and Comet the hamster.

In his leisure time, James engages in activities such as running (a lot of time running after his children), swimming, and more recently, cycling, with aspirations of participating in a triathlon in 2023. James is also training to become a life coach and a football coach, in an effort to give back to his community and support his children’s various teams.

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