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April 2023

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Embedded World 2023: The interviews

At Embedded World 2023, Pico Technology interviewed several customers who demonstrated how they use their PicoScope, and why they prefer to use a
USB based oscilloscope over a traditional bench top scope.

In the above video, James Mackey found several companies that were using PicoScope, including Bavariamatic GmbH, who offer a wide range of consulting and engineering services. Here they speak to James about why they like PicoScopes and the benefits of working with PC based oscilloscopes. You can check out this video, alongside several others, in the Embedded World 2023 YouTube playlist.

Want another opportunity to see us in person? US customers can catch us next at IMS 2023, in San Diego, California, from the 11th-16th June.
We also want to offer our congratulations to our Embedded World 2023 giveaway winners! We hope that our winners enjoy their PicoScope 2000 Series oscilloscope:

Day one winner: Christian Neuhaus
Day two winner: Thomas Robok
Day three winner: Marcus Janke

Pico Technology is a member of CiA

We are pleased to announce that Pico Technology are proud members of CAN in Automation (CiA). CAN in Automation is a non-profit organization, founded in 1992, as an international group for both manufacturers and users of Controller Area Network (CAN). The CAN technology is internationally standardized through the ISO 11898 series. The main objective of CiA is to provide a neutral and impartial platform for developing future CAN-related standards and specifications. Working in cooperation with other members of CiA, Pico Technology recently added a CAN XL decoder / analyzer to the PicoScope product range. CAN XL is the 3rd generation controller-area network protocol, building on and supporting backward compatibility with classic CAN and CAN FD networks.

The decoder was featured on the CiA booth at the recent Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. In this video, Trevor introduces us to Teun Hulman from NXP Semiconductors, who is presenting their NXP CAN XL demonstrator with a PicoScope 3000 Series.


MATLAB export options in
PicoScope 7 Early Access

The PicoScope 7.0.121 Early Access release has gone live; alongside implementing general updates to improve stability, PicoScope 7 Early Access now also has mat file export added to the options for saving data. This is the Mat version 5 file, which will allow for easier integration with current MATLAB versions, as well as improved capabilities for handling large data sets over PicoScope 6.

In addition, channel-to-channel Phase measurements can now be used to measure the phase difference between two selected channels.

You can download PicoScope 7 Early Access from our website.


Measuring the on-PCB 0603 Surface Mount Component Location with PicoVNA


This case study has been put together by the team at BiS Infotech, and focuses on the use of our PicoVNA Vector Network Analyser to measure the surface mount component location on a PCB.

SDG #293 AC-DC Converter using a Power Integrations SMPSU IC

In this video, Steve Gardner from SDG Electronics uses our PicoScope 5000 Series and PicoScope 7 software to run testing on a PCB.

Pico products and OEM applications

Pico’s USB connected test equipment is ideal for incorporation into OEM applications. Whether it’s for incorporation into a custom text fixture or rack mounting Pico devices for use as part of a wider system, Pico has a potential solution to a wide range of OEM challenges.

Reasons which make Pico products ideal for such projects include the following:
- Being USB connected, Pico products are uniquely well-positioned to be incorporated into other systems.

- The ability to control the units using custom software. All Pico products come with a Software Development Kit (SDK) as standard.

-  We can help with code examples for most major programming languages.
For further details on the use of Pico products in OEM applications, including several case studies where our products are currently in use, please see the dedicated pages on our website.

Careers at Pico: Vacancies of the month

Pico is hiring for a number of vacancies within our Test and Measurement (T&M) team, as well as across the broader company. We're always looking to expand the Pico family; if you want to join a fast-growing company offering flexible working and great benefits, there might be a role for you at Pico!
We are currently looking to fill the following roles:

DevOps Engineer
Software Test Engineer
Hardware Development Engineer (Generic)
Hardware Development Engineer (Analogue)

You can find out more about these roles, including a job description and list of benefits, on our careers website. Apply now, or check out a number of other vacancies we're currently hiring for!

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