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April 2020

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Pico Technology Test & Measurement Newsletter
April newsletter

Working from home? You're in good company: take a look at how some of our staff are getting along with home working. While we're all practicing social distancing, Pico is open for business as usual, with a new initiative offering extra support from us to you. We're also focusing on the new probe positioning system, and there's a new PicoLog 6 Beta release, too.

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There's always room for a PicoScope: image shows a desk with a laptop connected to a PicoScope 2204A. On the screen is a Persistence Mode view of two waveforms. The laptop's user is holding a mobile phone connected to a video chat. Also on the desk are a PCB, a child's drawing of a rainbow, a teddy bear, toy cars, building blocks and a cheese sandwich.

Life under lockdown certainly has its challenges. We can't solve them all for you, but we can at least help you to build a compact home test bench, because when space is at a premium, Pico products come into their own. Why not take some inspiration from Pico staff using their scopes while working from home?

Trevor Smith sitting at a desk, with PicoScope 6 running on his laptop, which is connected to a PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscope, which is being used to measure digital and analog signals from a circuit board.
Business Development Manager Trevor Smith using the full digital and analog capability of the PicoScope 6000E Series from his home office. He's even got a Pico mug on his desk!
Wooden desk in open window on balcony, with a laptop, a standard monitor and PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscope.
Distribution Sales Manager Tim Beck had a room with a view to enjoy the warm spring weather over Easter.
Ben Ellis probes a circuit with a PicoScope 2205A MSO while looking at notes in an exercise book, with PicoScope 6 software displaying the resulting waveforms on a laptop in the background.
Our Hardware Development Engineers are hard at it too - here's Ben Ellis working from home in Texas...
PicoVNA 106 on a sideboard connected across a prototype board.
...and Adrian Carter in Cambridgeshire using a PicoVNA 106 and a prototype to test parts of a new product.
Read on for more information about how Pico can help meet your home-working needs.

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Pico is open for business! We're delivering, direct and through distributors.
Although most Pico staff are now working from home, the company is very much open for business. We are accepting orders as usual and working closely with distributors so you can get the Pico products you want when you need them.

Our hardware and software development teams are still working hard to bring you exciting new products and improve the existing ones. We have plenty of stock, and our despatch team is ready and waiting to fulfil your order!
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The Pico team at a recent exhibition. Text reads

Those who know Pico, know that we are a sociable bunch, and we miss seeing you guys at exhibitions! That's why we're bringing the experts to you.

If you would like to see any of our products in action, have any queries about our software or have a question to put to us, just post it on our Facebook page. We'll answer a selection of your questions with a video.

Product focus: Probe positioning system
Probe positioning system in use
Pico's probe positioning system is an elegant solution to the age-old problem of only having two hands.

Flexible "gooseneck" arms hold your probes firmly in place, while strong magnets make sure there's no slipping on the highly polished baseplate.
Compatible with the P2056 500 MHz 10:1 passive probes, a full range of kits is available to suit all requirements.
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Software update
PicoLog 6 Beta icon (enlarged).
The latest beta release for PicoLog 6 has landed. PicoLog 6.1.16 Beta now supports export to HDF5 format, which works particularly well with MATLAB to help you manage large datasets.

The software also features updated capture controls and upgraded core components so it works faster and better than ever.

For more information, please see the release notes, available from picotech.com/downloads.
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