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April 2012

High–Resolution Fault–Finding and Testing with the PicoScope 4262

The PicoScope 4262 16–bit oscilloscope, with its built–in low–distortion signal generator, is ideal for measuring and troubleshooting audio systems. Our latest video–enhanced technical note shows how to use the scope for basic audio fault–finding, dynamic range measurement and glitch detection.

Read “High–Resolution Fault–Finding and Testing with the PicoScope 4262”

Linux Support Latest

We provide Linux drivers for many of our products, with more drivers in the pipeline. Some experimental drivers are available on our website.

The following Linux drivers are currently available for our USB products:

Product 32-bit 16-bit
PicoScope 2104 and 2105 Yes Yes
PicoScope 2202 to 2205 Yes Yes
PicoScope 3204 to 3206 Yes Yes
PicoScope 3204A/B to 3206A/B Beta  
PicoScope 3224 and 3424 Yes Yes
PicoScope 3425 Yes Yes
PicoScope 5203 and 5204 Yes beta
PicoScope 6402 to 6407 beta  
USB TC-08 Yes  

Best of the Web

PicoScope on a Mac with Virtualbox

Frank Buss has created an instructables.com page on installing PicoScope on a Mac. He first installed Windows XP under VirtualBox and then installed PicoScope on that. He was then able to use a PicoScope 3000 Series oscilloscope plugged into the Mac.

Read “Windows XP and PicoScope installation on a Mac with VirtualBox”

PicoScope used to detect gamma rays

Here’s a high-energy application in which a PicoScope 4424 12–bit oscilloscope was used to record the outputs of photomultipliers in a gamma ray experiment. The gamma rays were being used to demonstrate quantum key distribution (QKD) over short distances through a solid barrier, which the authors suggest could be used for transmitting encrypted data through shielded enclosures. Don’t try this at home!

Product Focus: PicoScope 2205

With the PicoScope 2205 ultra–compact 2–channel USB oscilloscope you get an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and arbitrary waveform generator all in one powerful, low–cost device.

Portable. You can take your PicoScope with you wherever you go. This compact oscilloscope is small enough to fit in your laptop bag, yet offers the features and performance of scopes that are several times its size — and price.

Your complete test and measurement lab. Your PicoScope 2205 is not only a powerful dual–channel oscilloscope: using the same PicoScope software for Windows that comes with our high–end scopes, you can also use your PicoScope 2205 as a spectrum analyzer, signal generator and arbitrary waveform generator (AWG). Using PicoLog you can also transform your PicoScope 2205 into a data acquisition tool that can log data over extended periods of time.

  • 25 MHz bandwidth
  • 200 MS/s real–time sampling rate
  • 4 GS/s equivalent–time sampling rate
  • 16,000 sample buffer memory
  • Arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)
  • Small footprint — ideal for field work
  • Free software updates
  • 5 year warranty

Further technical and sales information.

Tech Tips

64–bit Linux

Q. How can I use PicoScope 3000A/B Series scopes on a 64–bit machine? I have a 3206B and all the machines I can connect it to are 64-bit.

A. You can run the 32–bit Linux driver and console application on your 64–bit machines. You need to compile for 32–bit on the 64–bit machine, or compile on a 32–bit machine.

Spreadsheets and PicoScope

Q. How do I export waveform data from PicoScope to a spreadsheet?

A. PicoScope can save waveform data in a CSV (comma–separated values) format that is accepted by most spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc. To save as CSV, go to File > Save Current Waveform As and set the ‘Save as type:’ control to CSV. The waveform will be saved as a list of time and sample values, with labels and units in the first two rows.


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