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April 2007

Tech Tip: Speeding Up Parallel-Port Scopes Under Windows XP

Some customers using our parallel-port scopes under Windows XP have found that XP does not handle the parallel port efficiently. Luckily, there is a way to speed up these scopes — use a Pico Technology USB-to-parallel port converter. The converter makes your parallel device look like a USB device, allowing XP to treat it like any other USB device. Once you have connected the converter, you activate it by changing the port from 'LPT' to 'USB-PP' in PicoScope or PicoLog. Our converter is specially designed for Pico products, and we cannot guarantee that converters from other manufacturers will work with our scopes. With a Pico converter, you can continue to enjoy the technical support that we provide for customers with older Pico products who wish to upgrade their computers.

PicoScope 5000 Series News

We are busy adding new features to the PicoScope 6 software to help you get the most out of your new PicoScope 5000 Series scope. The next feature, due for release this month, is a spectrum view mode that can calculate and display a frequency spectrum based on either stored or live waveforms.

Visit our site regularly to keep up to date with the ongoing improvements to both the standard and automotive versions of PicoScope 6.

Result of the PicoScope 5000 Series Prize Draw

The winner of our PicoScope 5000 Series prize draw at the MTEC show in February is: Mr Austen Gilbert (from a well-known F1 team in the UK).

Mr Gilbert will receive a PicoScope 5204 Kit, which includes, in addition to the scope, two calibrated 250 MHz probes, other accessories and a tough carry case.

Read more about the PicoScope 5000 Series

Updated Science Experiment

We have updated our Science Experiment “Modelling an Ultrasound A-scan” with new instructions for using the PicoScope 2202, our latest entry-level USB PC Oscilloscope. The experiment is aimed at KS5 students (ages 16 to 19).

More about the PicoScope 2202

If you have invented a new experiment based on a Pico Technology product, or would like to write an application note for us, we would be very interested to hear from you.

Automotive News

Training course

Engine Management Diagnostics using PicoScope
Hinckley College, Leicestershire, UK
11-12 April 2007

The 'Engine Management Diagnostics using PicoScope' training courses are run on behalf of Pico Technology by Bill Phillips from V-Tech Training assisted by Pico staff. Bill has spent most of his career within the automotive sector and is highly regarded within the industry for his knowledge and expertise.

The courses are based around diagnosing electrical and mechanical automotive problems using a PC Oscilloscope, particularly a PicoScope automotive PC Oscilloscope.

New product: coil-on-plug extension lead

The coil-on-plug extension lead is a simple accessory that allows you to take accurate secondary ignition measurements on coil-on-plug ignition systems. The extension lead enables you to make HT measurements when there are no spark plug leads, or when the plug leads are inaccessible. The leads are specifically designed for use with the PP178 Secondary Ignition Pickup.

The COP extension leads are easy to use: simply fit them between the coil pack and the plugs, place a capacitive secondary ignition pickup on each lead, and your oscilloscope will show accurate ignition waveforms with correct kV measurements. The coil-on-plug extension leads are designed for use with PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes, but can also be used on all other scopes that are capable of displaying ignition patterns.

Visit our web page for more information on the COP extension lead


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