Monitoring server health: PicoLog Cloud and Pico data loggers

In today’s modern business, the health and performance of data servers and network infrastructure are vital every day. The cost to the business is can be considerable if something were to fail, and trust me, it often does. Failures are much more likely to occur if room temperatures are not kept cool. However, excessive cooling can cost businesses huge sums of money with rising energy costs. The solution is a balance between efficient use of IT hardware and just enough cooling to keep the temperature optimum.

Within Pico Technology, we use our own energy and temperature data loggers to monitor data servers and infrastructure. Using a low power Raspberry Pi as the host, a PicoLog CM3 to monitor current uses on 3 phases, and a TC-08 thermocouple logger to record numerous temperatures around the room and within the hard disk racks, data is acquired to PicoLog Cloud. Using the PicoLog Cloud API, that data is then sent to a 3rd party resource monitoring tool which gathers hundreds of other server metrics to create a dashboard, with real-time alerts.