Oscilloscope and Data Logger Application Notes

Power, portability and performance

PicoScope 3000 Series PC Oscilloscopes & Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

PicoScope 3000 Series USB-powered PC oscilloscopes are small, light, and portable and can easily slip into a laptop bag while offering a range of high-performance specifications.

These oscilloscopes offer 2 or 4 analog channels and a built-in function / arbitrary waveform generator. MSO models add 16 digital channels. Key performance specifications:

  • 200 MHz analog bandwidth
  • 1 GS/s real-time sampling
  • 512 MS buffer memory
  • 100,000 waveforms per second
  • 16-channel logic analyzer (MSO models)
  • Arbitrary waveform generator
  • USB 3.0 connected and powered


  1. Improving accuracy with PicoScope 7
  2. Getting started with FRA4PicoScope
  3. Fast Fourier Transforms explained
  4. PicoScope 6 sampling rate adjustment
  5. A field mill for measuring atmospheric electricity
  6. Choosing the right Pico Technology active differential probe
  7. Three-phase measurements with PicoLog and PicoScope
  8. PicoVNA frequently asked questions
  9. How Techimp’s high-voltage monitoring system is built on PicoScope
  10. DCC: Demonstrating the Hornby Elite using PicoScope
  11. IoT debug gets a boost from true differential probing
  12. How true differential scope inputs boost probing safety and precision
  13. Measuring the power consumption of mobile and IoT devices
  14. Using the PicoScope logic trigger functions
  15. Using analog offset to maximize oscilloscope resolution
  16. Power consumption of flash memory using a high-resolution oscilloscope
  17. Debugging an I²C bus with a PicoScope mixed-signal oscilloscope
  18. Low-distortion measurements with high-resolution oscilloscopes
  19. Waveform averaging in PicoScope
  20. How to tune (compensate) x10 oscilloscope probes
  21. Audio spectrum analysis
  22. Non-destructive testing of wood
  23. Mains power analysis - measuring power factor
  24. Electrocardiogram (ECG) circuit for use with oscilloscopes
  25. Some power PWM drivers for DC electric motors
  26. What to look for when choosing an oscilloscope
  27. Detta skall du titta på när du väljer oscilloskop
  28. Comment choisir l’oscilloscope idéal?
  29. Loudspeaker measurement equipment
  30. Loudspeaker measurement technique
  31. Measuring the frequency response of a loudspeaker
  32. Colossus: we connect a PicoScope to the world’s first computer
  33. Measurement of acoustic reverberation time
  34. FFT spectrum analyzer for audio amplifier design
  35. High-resolution oscilloscopes
  36. Using an FFT spectrum analyzer to test audio amplifiers
  37. Example PAL video waveforms captured using PicoScope
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