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Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Training and Demo Board

This oscilloscope demo board is well-suited for educational purposes and serves as an excellent guide for everyone from beginners, complete with a comprehensive primer on oscilloscope fundamentals, to the more advanced seasoned users of test instrumentation.



Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Training and Demo Board

The Pico Technology oscilloscope training and demo board is a versatile tool designed to showcase and demonstrate the capabilities of your (mixed signal) oscilloscope. Included with the board is a comprehensive user manual that guides you through a series of exercises that will increase the user's problem-solving skills on complex real-world signals. The end goal being to build confidence with the oscilloscope, expand knowledge of the full capability of the instrument and reduce time to insight when working with complex designs and debug work.


  • Teaching tool which can be used as a quick start guide with any manufacturers of oscilloscopes to minimise familiarisation / learning time involved with using a new oscilloscope. 
  • Two configuration switches for selecting waveform type, speeds, serial interfaces and other parameters.
  • Built-in function / waveform generator (0.2 Hz to 10 kHz in 16 steps)
    for generation of sine, square, triangle, ramp and many other test signals.
  • Generation of common serial protocols such as SPI, I2C, UART, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, Manchester and parallel bus interface. 
  • Advanced triggering methodology and fundamentals. 
  • RF test track with 450 ps rise time (RF and termination demo on PCB’s).

Unlocking Full Oscilloscope Potential

The Pico demo board offers a diverse range of signals and experiments, enabling users to explore the entire spectrum of mixed-signal oscilloscope capabilities in a safe, repeatable environment. Designed for use with any oscilloscope manufacturer, not just Pico USB oscilloscopes, it's the perfect teaching and learning tool for oscilloscope users across the board.  

Exploring a Wide Range of Signals

From various waveform types and speeds to serial interfaces and RF signals, the applications board allows the user to dive into real-world scenarios from the luxury of their workbench. Discover, first hand, how persistence mode coupled with advanced trigger techniques can uncover rare anomalies like runt signals, glitches, and other everyday design and debug challenges. 
For more information on persistence mode, refer to the Pico A-Z library. 

Advanced Triggering Capability

The board assists users in understanding and effectively utilising oscilloscope trigger options, including edge-trigger, pulse-width-trigger, interval-trigger, dropout/timeout-trigger, and many more. It provides suitable signals for common trigger scenarios.

Built-in Waveform Generator

Equipped with a function generator via a 10-bit DAC at 200 kSa/s. This function generator can produce a variety of waveforms and signals, making it invaluable for everyday development work such as Sine, square, triangle and ramps in the frequency range 0.2Hz to 10kHz (in 16 steps) and sweep, burst, AM modulation, PWM. Furthermore noise / errors can be injected to simulate real-world environments. 

Versatile Configuration

Two configuration switches allow you to select waveform types and speeds, configure serial interfaces, and more. Slotted holes and pin headers facilitate easy measurement of digital signals using probe clamping hooks and Dupont connectors.

Signal Outputs

The board provides outputs for PWM signals, RF signals, and Bode plot demonstrations, showcasing RF effects and terminations. Additionally, it features signal taps and operational amplifiers for low-pass filtered and unfiltered signal output via BNC sockets.

General Purpose Oscilloscope Functionality

Explore and harness the added capabilities of your oscilloscope, including cursors, measurements, persistence, mask tests, references, mathematical functions, FFT/spectrum analysis, frequency response analysis (Bode plots), XY plots, and decoding interfaces. Mastering these features not only enhances your return on investment but also streamlines your work, enabling efficient debugging and comprehensive documentation.

Interface Decoding

Learn how to trigger and decode different interfaces. The demo board includes standard interfaces (SPI, I2C, UART) with bidirectional communication and a 7-bit parallel bus accommodating CAN/CAN-FD and LIN communications. Signals are accessible through long holes and pin headers.

RF Signal Handling

Gain insights into the behaviour of RF signals, leveraging FFT and spectrum analysis and extending into reflections and the impact of fast signals. The demo board signals provide a guide to navigating the world of oscilloscope frequency analysis. Quickly learn to spot interference signals, configure FFT functions for accurate signal insights, and avoid measurement mishaps.

With examples that build true understanding of these interference souring, not just the theory that underlies it. The board also features fast logic gates that demonstrate various RF effects, emphasising the importance of proper probe ground connections and termination.

Functional Test

With versatile signal generation, the board allows the user to replicate tests to simulate sporadic errors, mimicking production glitches or incoming goods inspection failures. Discover how to swiftly set up test scenarios to effectively identify and resolve such critical issues.

Comprehensive Training Material

The user manual provides an overview and comprehensive information about the demo board. Chapters guide you through using your oscilloscope effectively, decoding interfaces, and understanding high and radio frequency (HF/RF) effects.

The training material encourages hands-on experimentation and problem-solving, offering a personalised learning experience for all user profiles. From the beginner who wants to learn more about the fundamentals of using an oscilloscope to the expert user who wants a refresher on particular functionality.

Pico Challenge

You've conquered the Pico applications board, but there's one more adventure in store for you. Hidden within the demo board lies a secret message from Pico. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to put your newfound knowledge to the test and *clue* decode this hidden message. Are you up for the challenge?


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